Office printing volumes and costs have become an uncontrolled operating expense for most companies. A business expense that experts now say rivals rent and utilities. With no real insight into what their printing needs are, companies spend exorbitant amounts on wasteful printing, costly ink and toner inventory, and IT labor.

Many organizations are literally drowning in their toner supply and managing it has become a full-time job. ITGlobal knows what you’re going through and wants to take care of it so you can get back to work. Our print management services program frees you from having to store, manage and order toner.

With greater cost visibility and new tools to track your office's usage, you can take control of today's expenses and plan for future needs.

With ITGlobal MPS Managed Print Services, your company can gain control over - and dramatically reduce printing costs with no disruption. Additionally we centralizes automatic toner fulfillment and scheduled maintenance, thereby maximizing productivity.

Our system automatically notifies us when one of your devices needs toner or supplies, and initiates the ordering and fulfillment process.

What can an MPS program do for you and your organization:

You get a simple and uniform pricing program that removes the guess work from auditing and managing your printer and/or copier fleet. We offer total control and complete automation of your toner and service needs, so you never have to worry about running out of toner and supplies.
Gather meter reads without interruption
Reduce downtime
Free up IT time for more pressing needs
Respond rapidly to printer issues
Proactively maintain/supply your fleet of output devices
Provide ongoing assessment to maximize efficiency
An introductory, automated-supply management system to help you get imaging costs under control.
With network integration to monitor supply needs, replacement toner is shipped automatically. You get the supplies you need before you run out. Your business receives timely supply, replenishment and cartridge recycling directions.