Network Consulting Services

Dotservices specializes in Complete Network Infrastructure design, implementation and support services that provide comprehensive, unrivalled design, installation and support for today’s critical IT infrastructure.

The business world is moving to digital communications, today there are more cell phones and mobile devices than desktops. More applications are being hosted in the cloud, and as wearables become more and more the norm, they will become the device of choice, incorporating and possibly replacing all of today's PC and mobile devices.

Our Network Consulting Services include:

  • Network Architecture Design – Our engineers consult with customers to develop appropriate design templates for Managed Network Services solutions that fully support customer’s applications.
  • Capacity Planning – Evaluation of current network usage and growth plans. Recommend per site bandwidth capacity and throughput, as well as total network capacity.
  • QoS and Traffic Prioritization – Enhance application performance by ensuring that high priority applications have priority access to available bandwidth.
  • Legacy Protocol Support – We enable customers to avoid costly capital upgrades while enhancing applications by supporting legacy serial protocols for Point-of-Sale (POS) devices.
  • We work with you to determine networking needs (current and future), analyze your current network infrastructure and identify strengths and weaknesses – all while keeping your budgetary constraints in mind.
  • Our Network Consulting Services can help you optimize network performance, mitigate the risk of downtime and develop a network strategy that supports and enables your organization’s goals.