Wireless Solutions

Wifiglobal ds specializes in providing high-speed wireless Wi-Fi Internet access to end-users at residential communities (MDU/MTU), hotels, apartment complexes, condominiums, resorts, RV Parks, and airports.  We use the latest commercial components to assemble the right system for the specific needs of each of our customers.  Whether your needs are a simple or multiple hot spots, small camera system or a comprehensive property wide security system with remote access, we have the experience to create the system that you need.

We also offer IT and network management and business continuity solutions to provide customers with value-added services and support, enabling them to focus on their business instead of their network.


Wireless networking continues to expand as consumers take advantage of new applications, and businesses realize productivity gains which increase efficiency and lower costs. Regardless if the application is related to end users, manufacturing, warehousing, hotels, colleges, airports, transportation, convention centers, or corporations, mobile computing is the key to a more productive and efficient process.

APAccess Points.


Monitoring critical application and infrastructure components on your network.


Surveillance system installation over wifi or wired networks.

IT consulting

Using technology as a tool to solve business challenges Wifiglobal combine IT and consulting expertise to develop technology solutions to your real business challenges.